The track record is unbelievable IF YOU CAN SIGHT READ-YOU CAN REALLY
SCORE WELL on any audition. You can perform well for your teacher. The teacher can teach
interpretation instead of, "Okay-four beats in the bar-tap your foot-here's the way it goes-
Polly wants a cracker----rote-rote-rote-ugh!!! The teacher can go play golf-the student still
makes ALL-STATE.

                                                It's time to really make it happen !
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Are you skeptical? That's okay. I don't blame you. It's one thing to read a letter like this,
trying to imagine what it's all about, and quite another thing to be there in person, SEEING AND
HEARING things first hand. That's whyAll-State Sight Reading has been written. So you can
order each book one at a time to fit your budget. Pick a book-Order it-You WILL NOT be
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                                                    What is this miracle book ?

It's 200 examples in grades III, IV, V of exactly what the student sees at an All-State
audition. Done on the Finale Program (Is there another one?) each example looks EXACTLY like the All-State examples. Little short blurbs of tricks, phrases, and blotches of gotchas to really
make the student think. The TWO pages of explanation makes it simple for the student to

Now you can get these look-a-like examples of All-State Sight Reading. Some etudes are
quite unusual-most are typical. Every band/orchestra/chorus room deserves a copy. Where can
you find the 6/8 or 3/8 that is perfectly and exactly like the actual sight reading? WEVE GOT IT!
200 EXAMPLES. Why not practice every etude-cover every angle-be ready! A true failure
happens when persistence ends. Be persistent and study sight reading BEFORE THE
AUDITION. The greatest collection of sight reading ever assembled to help students make All-
State Band OR Orchestra! A programmed text that dramatically improves the audition score:
Middle school (Grade III), Concert (Grade IV), and Symphonic (Grade V). ALL IN ONE BOOK!!! 200 EXAMPLES! Choral teachers should order Sop/Ten Alto, and Bass books --- enough for the class to sight sing together.

                                If the students can sight read, all rehearsal time is minimized!


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